About Us

Hoka Designs is a Native American owned clothing and apparel company from the Chippewa-Cree Tribe based on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, located in north central Montana.  Our designs are inspired by and derived from being born and raised on an Indian Reservation and all of the life lessons and nuances that come from that.

Our designs are infused with Native American humor, politics and every day, "Rez life," including song lyrics, movie scenes and other inspirations.  Each item we sell is a unique piece of art created by Natives from a Native's perspective.

Hoka Design's main artist, Pete Azure says "we aiming for the body, our shirts hit the brain."  When asked what he means by that, he replied "I got that from a song lyric, 'we ain't aiming for your body, our shirts hit your brain!'' 

If you find some of our designs offensive, we DO NOT apologize.  These designs are created from our life experiences and let's face it, life on an Indian Reservation can be tough.  But our people, families and culture are resilient and beautiful.  We hope you find our designs unique, fun and inspiring.

Our name, Hoka Designs comes from the signature sound off that many MC's of  pow wow celebration's use.  If you've ever been to a pow wow, at least a "real," plains Indian pow wow (yaze!), you'll recognize this sound-off that signifies let's sing, dance, party and celebrate life!!